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Pre Season Inspection
After long periods of non-use, or before periods of frequent use, perform the following steps:
1. Check for damaged wires.
2. Clean all filters.
3. Check for leaks.
4. Replace batteries in remote.
5. Make sure nothing is blocking air inlets or outlets on indoor or outdoor equipment.

Preparing for Extended Shutdown Period

1. Clean the filters and reposition them in the unit.

2. Operate the unit in FAN ONLY mode for 12 hours to dry all internal parts.

3. Turn main power supply off.

4. Remove batteries from the remote control.

System Operation Recommendations

The items outlined in the following list help to assure proper system operation:

• Replace both remote control batteries at the same time.

• Point the remote control toward the unit display panel when transmitting a command.

• Keep doors and windows closed while unit is operating.

• Contact an authorized service representative if a problem arises that cannot be easily resolved.

• Do not perform cleaning or maintenance activities while the unit is on.

• Keep the display panel on the unit away from direct sunlight and heat as this may interfere with remote control transmissions.

• Do not block air intakes and outlets on the indoor or outdoor units.

Energy Saving Recommendations

The following recommendations will add greater efficiency to the ductless system:

• Select a comfortable thermostat setting and leave it at chosen setting. Avoid continually raising and lowering the setting.

• Keep the filter clean. Frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on indoor air quality.

• Use drapes, curtains or shades to keep direct sunlight from heating the room on very hot days.

• Limit the unit’s run time by using the TIMER function.

• Do not obstruct the air intake on the front panel.

• Turn on the air conditioning unit before the indoor air becomes too uncomfortable.


Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is recommended to ensure proper operation of the unit. Recommended maintenance intervals may vary depending on the installation environment, e.g., dusty zones, etc

Cleaning the Coil

Clean the coil at the beginning of each cooling season, or when necessary. Use a vacuum cleaner or a long-bristle brush to avoid damage to the coil fins.

Cleaning the Air Filters

Remove and clean the air filters once a month. A clogged air conditioner can reduce the cooling efficiency of your unit, and can also be bad for your health. NOTE: If air filters show signs of excessive wear or are torn, they must be replaced. Contact your local dealer for replacement filters.

1. Lift the front panel of the indoor unit.

2. Press the tab on the end of filter to loose the buckle, lift it up, then pull it towards you.

3. Pull the filter out.

4. If your filter has a small air freshening filter, unclip it from the larger filter. Clean the air freshening filter with a handheld vacuum.

5. Clean the large air filter with warm, soapy water. Be sure to use a mild detergent.

6. Rinse the filter with fresh water. Shake off excess water.

7. Dry filter in a cool, dry place and refrain from exposing it to direct sunlight.

8. When dry, reclip the air freshening filter to the large filter, then slide it back into the indoor unit.

9. Close the front panel of the indoor unit.

Cleaning the Indoor Unit Front Panel

To clean the front panel on the indoor unit, wipe the outside with a soft dry cloth.

High Wall Ductless system owners manual

Excerpts taken from Carrier Catalog No. OM-40MAQ-07

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